Jun 23, 2024

Okay, so like, "First Love Episode 2" is TOTALLY about this dude, Sahara, and his girlfriend, Aoba. She's like a human volcano, always erupting with this grumpy face, even when they're, you know, *doing it*. Sahara's all confused, thinking she secretly hates their love story. Talk about a mood killer! It's like trying to have a picnic in a hurricane with her.

Then, BAM! Her little sister, Chiyaki, spills the tea. Turns out Aoba's actually just super shy, like a little kitten hiding under a blanket. Her anger is just a mask for all her warm fuzzy feelings! She's like the opposite of those mood rings, you know? The redder, the better!

Sahara's mind is BLOWN. He thought he was dating the Hulk, but she's actually more like a tsundere princess. So, he tries to crack her shell and see the real Aoba, which basically involves, um, *lots* of close-up shots. It's like he's trying to melt an ice sculpture with, well, you get the idea.

The irony is thicker than peanut butter! The more Sahara tells Aoba how cute she looks when she's, um, *enjoying herself,* the more she turns into a human tomato. It's like a weird game of emotional tag.

The episode ends with Aoba finally admitting she likes Sahara, even if he thinks her "horny face" is adorable. Like, dude, seriously? But hey, whatever floats their boat! The ending's kinda sweet, in a super awkward, third-base kinda way.