Jun 23, 2024

Okay, so, like, imagine a cartoon where everything is super exaggerated, kinda like those old Looney Tunes but way more grown-up stuff happens. This story is about a brother and sister, Kasumi and, like, I don't think they even say the brother's name, he's just "Onii-chan" which means big brother in Japanese. It's SO WEIRD! They live together and Kasumi is like a total shut-in. She stays in her room all day and never showers, ew! It's like when Mom tells me to clean my room and I don't for a whole week, but worse.

One day, Onii-chan is like "we should go on a date" and Kasumi is all for it. But it's super awkward because he keeps thinking how much she's grown up and she's acting all lovey-dovey. It's like when you share your toys with your little brother but then you start to miss them, except these aren't toys! They're feelings and stuff.

Then things get REALLY crazy. Like, crazier than a monkey wearing a tutu crazy! They end up, like, doing *things* siblings shouldn't do. You know, the "birds and the bees" talk Mom and Dad had? Yeah, that kinda stuff. Kasumi is all into it because she's had a crush on her brother FOREVER. She even says it's okay because he's *special*. Onii-chan is totally freaking out at first, but then he's like, "Okay, fine, just this once!" which is, like, so not okay.

They even go to a hot spring together, which is like a giant bathtub in the woods, and do more stuff! It's like they forgot they were related or something. The story ends with them wanting to do even more grown-up stuff, and it's just...weird. It's like finding out your goldfish can talk - super shocking and you don't know what to do with that information!