Jun 15, 2024

## Overflow Episode 2: She's Amidst a Dream Next to Me, or "Oops, Wrong Sister!"

**Okay, so like, this episode is SO AWKWARD!** Remember that bath stuff from last time? Yeah, it gets WAY worse. See, our hero, who's like, the WORST big brother EVER, feels super guilty about touching Kotone (she's the quiet one, kinda like a scared kitten). But guess what? He's also still totally HOT for her! This dude is like a walking, talking hormone volcano, ready to erupt! πŸŒ‹

So, they're all sleeping in the same room – don't ask, it's complicated – and Mr. Handsy McTouchy thinks Kotone's asleep. He's all like, "This is wrong, but her body is so grown up!" (Eww, creepy much?) and almost does the deed... but SURPRISE! It's actually Ayane, the sassy one! She's like the opposite of Kotone, more like a playful puppy. 🐢

Now, any normal person would be like, "WHOA, wrong sister!" and stop right there. But nope, not this guy! He's all, "Well, I've gone this far..." and goes for it with Ayane! πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ They even try to be sneaky so they don't wake up Kotone, which is like, the cherry on top of this messed-up sundae.

It's like that story of Pandora's Box, except instead of hope, it's just a whole lot of icky feelings and bad decisions! The episode ends with Ayane calling him a dummy (which, duh!) and punching him in the face. Honestly, he kinda deserved it.

**Will Kotone find out? Will this guy ever learn to control himself? Tune in next time for more awkwardness and questionable life choices!** πŸ™„