Hatsukoi Jikan Episode 1


Jun 26, 2024

Okay, so this story, "First Love Time," is like a weird mix of a candy bar with pickles in it: kinda good, kinda gross. We got Rin, who's like the dictionary definition of a gloomy Gus. He's all about that study life, like it's the only game in town. Then there's Ena, who's basically a walking, talking glitter bomb - super loud and sparkly, and she probably has, like, a million boyfriends (at least, it seems like it!).

Anyway, Ena needs help with school (shocker!), so she ropes Rin into tutoring her. This is where things get kinda funny 'cause Ena is about as good at studying as a goldfish is at flying. Rin's all like, "What kind of brain do you even have?" which, to be fair, is kinda mean, but also maybe a little true?

Then Ena's friend Kirika shows up, and let's just say she's a generous friend. She tries to give Rin a "reward" for helping Ena, which is basically like trying to pay for your lunch with glitter - nice thought, but not really gonna work. Ena gets the wrong idea and thinks Rin wants a different kind of "reward," and well, things get REALLY awkward REALLY fast.

This leads to, like, a whole bunch of misunderstandings and Rin accidentally saying he loves Ena (whoops!). But here's the ironic twist: Ena actually DOES like Rin! She thinks he's "cool" because he's all quiet and studious. It's like she's obsessed with penguins and he's the grumpiest penguin in the whole colony.

The story ends with them, you know, "doing it" and then Ena's actual boyfriend shows up! Talk about bad timing! It's like showing up to a birthday party after everyone's gone home and eaten all the cake.

So yeah, "First Love Time" is a wild ride of cringe and unexpected feels. It's like trying to ride a rollercoaster while eating cotton candy - you're gonna get sticky, and it might make you kinda sick, but hey, at least it's an experience.