Furueru Kuchibiru Episode 1


Jun 23, 2024

Okay, so "Furueru Kuchibiru Episode 1" is TOTALLY about this teacher and his student, Kon. It's like Romeo and Juliet, but instead of poison, they use, well, *other stuff*. The teacher is like, "This is wrong!" but then he's also like, "Okay, but maybe just one more time." And Kon is all over him like syrup on pancakes.

They keep doing it in places that are like, "Dude, seriously?" like the STAFF BATHROOM! Talk about a recipe for disaster, right?! They try to figure out their feelings, which is about as successful as a goldfish trying to ride a bicycle. They're both scaredy-cats, too shy to say "I love you," so they just do the horizontal tango instead.

Here's the ironic twist: Kon is like a horny octopus, always wanting to touch and do *things* The teacher is like, "Whoa there, partner!" but he totally gives in. It's like he's addicted to her fuzzy lips or something.

The ending is like a big question mark. Will they ever go on a real date? Will someone walk in on them? Will the goldfish finally master that bicycle? Guess we'll have to watch Episode 2 to find out!