Boku ni Sexfriend ga Dekita Riyuu Episode 4


Jun 17, 2024

Okay, so Episode 4 of "How I Made a Sex Friend: Part-Time Coworker High School Girls 2" is WILD. Like, wilder than a playground at recess. Anon-san, our Romeo-wannabe, is having a real conundrum. It's like when you want more cookies but your mom says no, except instead of cookies it's sex with high school girls. See, he's got two girlfriends, Saki and Koharu, who are as different as peanut butter and jelly but, y'know, in a naughty way.

Saki is like the fire alarm – loud and always wants attention. Koharu is more like that quiet kid in class who everyone thinks is shy, until BAM! Plot twist, she's not so shy anymore!

So, Anon-san runs out of condoms. Big yikes! But Saki, being the go-getter she is, doesn't care. She’s ready to bungee jump without a cord, if you catch my drift. Koharu's still a little hesitant, though. It’s like she wants to ride the rollercoaster but is scared of heights.

Eventually, Anon-san breaks down Koharu's wall, kinda like the Kool-Aid man but less delicious and more...well, you get it. He even sees her "cookie jar," if you know what I mean, and it's game over from there. Let's just say, by the end of the episode, Anon-san’s “fire hose” is putting out a LOT of “fires.”

This episode is full of ironic twists, like when they run out of protection but somehow end up even MORE protected (wink wink). And let's not forget the deep message: when you're surrounded by "cookies," it's hard to resist taking a bite, even if you know you should.

So yeah, Episode 4 is a real rollercoaster of emotions...and fluids. Just remember kids, this is definitely NOT how you make friends in real life.