Harem Camp! Episode 7


Jun 26, 2024

Okay, so like, episode 7 of Harem Camp! is totally wild! They called it "We can't do that outside, can we?" which is like, duh! It's about this guy, he's like, the *main* guy, always getting lost and stuff. This time, he's with his teacher, who's, you know, *really* nice.

They're supposed to be finding the campsite, but he's all like, "I gotta pee!" and she's like, "Seriously?" It's like a metaphor or something, 'cause he keeps getting distracted. Like, there are bugs! He's such a scaredy-cat! She's afraid of being alone in the dark, which is ironic 'cause, hello, HE was the one who wandered off!

Anyway, he finds her, and she's like super mad. But then, she trips and falls on him. And guess what? She's not wearing a bra! It's like that story about the emperor's new clothes, but with underwear!

So, he's all flustered, and things get kinda steamy, even though it's all happening outside. She's saying she doesn't want to do it there, but it's pretty obvious what's gonna happen in the next episode, right? They even show a preview with the tent!

The whole episode is just them going back and forth, and it's kinda funny, but also kinda predictable. Like, we *know* they're gonna end up doing stuff, it's just a matter of time. And the music! It keeps saying "Harem Camp!" over and over, just in case we forgot what we were watching. ๐Ÿ™„ It's like they're trying too hard!

Anyway, gotta see what happens in episode 8! Will they *finally* do it in the tent? Stay tuned!