Jun 20, 2024

Okay, so like, Episode 3 of Euphoria is SO DRAMATIC! Remember Rinne? The girl who always acts like she doesn't care? Well, she's stuck in this game with everyone else, and this time it's, like, REALLY REALLY bad. They made her do the *whispers* naughty stuff with this guy, Kei-chan. He's like a scaredy-cat turned bully, which is confusing, right? It's like he's trying to be all tough but deep down he's like a lost puppy who chews on your shoes.

Anyway, this episode is basically like the story of the Scorpion and the Frog, where they're both stuck together and one of them just can't help being bad. Rinne is like, "Bring on the pain, I can take it!" It's like she thinks she's some kind of superhero, like Wonder Woman, but instead of fighting bad guys, she's just letting them do bad stuff to her. 🤯

The ironic twist is that after all the icky stuff, Rinne and Kei-chan kinda sorta start to like each other? It's weird. Like finding out your broccoli actually tastes like pizza, totally unexpected. But then BAM! Rinne freaks out because she remembers she's been trapped in this awful game before. Talk about a downer ending! 😥 It's like climbing to the top of the monkey bars only to realize you can't get down. Now I'm totally nervous to see what happens in Episode 4!