Floating Material Episode 1


Jun 23, 2024

Okay, so like, this hentai is called "Floating Material" and it's totally wild! It's about this girl named Himari who's like, super popular and everyone thinks she's perfect. It's like she's walking around with a big, flashing neon sign that says, "Look at me, I'm so innocent!" But guess what? She's got a secret! A BIG, juicy secret! *wink wink*

She's got the hots for her teacher, Mr. Shun! I know, right? Scandalous! He's supposed to be like, teaching her about boring stuff like math and history, but instead they're doing... other things. It's like Romeo and Juliet, but instead of poison, it's... well, you know. Let's just say they're not exactly reading Shakespeare together.

The story takes place at their school, which is kind of ironic 'cause it's an all-girls school! You'd think it would be like, the safest place on earth, but nope! Not when Mr. Shun's around. He's like a fox in a henhouse!

Then there's Ibu, Himari's best friend. She's kind of like the jealous type, always feeling like she's in Himari's shadow. It's like she's always stuck playing second fiddle! Poor Ibu!

Anyway, things get really crazy when Himari accidentally walks in on Mr. Shun and Ibu getting busy in the infirmary! Talk about a shocking discovery! It's like finding a dinosaur bone in your backyard!

Himari's all confused and doesn't know what to think. It's like her world just got turned upside down! And poor Ibu! She totally freaks out, even though she was the one who was, you know, doing it with the teacher first!

So yeah, that's basically "Floating Material" in a nutshell. It's full of steamy scenes, awkward moments, and enough drama to make your head spin! Just don't tell my mom I watched it!