Boku ni Sexfriend ga Dekita Riyuu Episode 1


Jun 17, 2024

Okay, imagine a story about a guy named Anon-kun who's basically obsessed with his next-door neighbor, Hitomi-san. He's like that creepy kid in class who stares at you while you eat your pudding. He's all, "She smells nice" and "Her smile is cute," but he's also fapping to thoughts about her.

Hitomi-san is like the shiny apple on top of the tree - pretty and married, making her totally off-limits. Anon-kun's new apartment is like the Garden of Eden, and he's tempted by the forbidden fruit (Hitomi's laundry, if you can even call it that).

So, one day, Hitomi-san catches Anon-kun being a total peeping Tom. You'd think she'd yell at him or tell his mom, but instead, she pulls a total "Come to the Dark Side" move and suggests they become "sex friends."

Anon-kun's reaction is basically like a kid who finds a twenty dollar bill on the playground - pure shock and excitement. He spends the rest of the episode getting to know Hitomi-san in *ways* he shouldn't.

There's lots of talk about soft things (which, ew, we're in third grade, remember?) and awkward fumbling, kinda like when you try to hold hands with someone for the first time but use way too much spit.

The story is full of irony - the creepy neighbor becomes the "chosen one," and all because he got caught being a creep. The episode ends with them, well, "being friends," and Anon-kun's thirst for Hitomi-san is far from quenched. It's all very dramatic and grown-up, but also kinda silly when you think about it.