Hatsu Inu 2 Episode 2


Jun 26, 2024

Hatsu Inu 2 Episode 2 is like a rollercoaster of "eww" and "huh?" all at the same time. It's about this guy, Fukaya, whose you-know-what stops working because of a weird love potion gone wrong. It's like when you try to make cookies but put salt instead of sugar!

So there's this girl, Fujino, who's like the class know-it-all, and her friend Mita who's always getting into trouble. They try to help Fukaya by, get this, showing him how they "play" with themselves. It's like they're teaching him how to tie his shoes, but way more awkward and gross.

The story takes place in a science lab, which is weird because shouldn't they be doing experiments instead of, you know... THAT? It's like trying to do your homework in a candy store!

Anyway, the ironic twist is that the love potion backfires and makes Fukaya only like Fujino when she's NOT around. It's like wanting a toy only when it's locked in the toy store! And Mita, well, she just kind of pops in and out of the story like a whack-a-mole.

In the end, Fukaya has a threesome (eww!) and everyone's back to normal...sort of. It's like they tried to put toothpaste back in the tube, but it's all messy and weird now.

So yeah, Hatsu Inu 2 Episode 2 is confusing and gross, but also kinda funny in a "this is so dumb" kind of way.