Etsuraku no Tane The Animation Episode 1


Jun 20, 2024

Okay, so like, imagine a school, right? But it's full of these creepy-crawly tentacle things that like to, um, "play" with the girls. It's like tag, but instead of tagging, they, well, use their "tentacles."

There's Itsuki-chan and Hiyori-chan, and they're like, best friends forever! They even love each other, like, a LOT. But then, BAM! This girl, Nonohara, shows up and she's like the tentacle queen! She's all like, "Bow down to me!" It's like when my little brother tries to be the king of the playground.

So, Nonohara uses her tentacles to, um, "tickle" the other girls, and they start liking it, even though they know they shouldn't. It's like eating candy before dinner; you know it's wrong, but it feels SO good! It's like a big mess of love, betrayal, and, um, "tickling."

The story wants to be all deep and stuff, saying that pleasure is more powerful than love, but it's kinda hard to take it seriously when there are tentacles everywhere. It's like trying to have a tea party with a bunch of puppies; it's messy, kinda cute, and definitely not what it's supposed to be!