Jun 20, 2024

## Cleavage Episode 2: A Third Grader's Totally Real and Mature Review

Okay, so like, **Cleavage Episode 2** is totally wild! Remember Yuuto, the guy who likes boobs, especially his stepsister's? Well, now he's in a sticky situation, kinda like when you get gum stuck in your hair, but way more awkward.

His hot teacher, Miss Ichinose (she has those HUGE honkers Yuuto loves!), caught him with his stepsister, Erica. Talk about embarrassing! But instead of freaking out, Miss Ichinose is like, "Join my boob-loving club!"

Now it's a big, confusing mess. Imagine trying to choose between pizza and ice cream, but you HAVE to pick! Yuuto's caught between his stepsister, who's all possessive and stuff, and his teacher, who's like a siren luring sailors with, well, you know.

There's this one part where Miss Ichinose makes Yuuto "paint" on her. Don't worry, it's not real painting, more like tickling with a feather, but way more scandalous. And she wants him to go crazy like Van Gogh! Remember that guy from art class? Yeah, him.

Erica gets super jealous, because, duh! It's like someone stole your favorite toy and is showing off right in front of you! So she's like, "Oh no you don't, Miss Stealy-Pants!"

This episode is full of drama! It's like a soap opera your mom watches, but with more, um, "adult" themes. You know, the stuff grown-ups whisper about. Let's just say there are lots of revealing outfits and heavy breathing.

The ending? It's a real cliffhanger, like when you're hanging off a cliff and don't know what happens next! You'll have to watch **Cleavage Episode 3** to find out who wins Yuuto's heart (or something like that). But seriously, don't watch it, you're too young! Go play with your toys or something.