Jun 20, 2024

## Fault! Episode 3: A Third Grader's "Totally Inappropriate" Review

Okay, so like, this episode is about Shuu-chan and his REALLY BIG problem. You see, he got hit in the "bad place" with a tennis racket (ouch!) and now it's all swollen and stuff. Good thing Sensei is there to help, but like, her way of helping is kinda weird... and by weird, I mean they start doing *grown-up things* that kids definitely shouldn't see!

It's like when you eat too much candy and get a tummy ache, but instead of a tummy ache, it's, well, you know! And then his sister, Mio, and her friend Ai come in and they're all like "Whoa, what's going on here?!" It's like walking in on your parents kissing, but WAY more awkward.

And then it gets even crazier! They find Shuu-chan's secret magazine (ew!) and suddenly they want to try all the stuff in it! They're like those kids who try to copy everything they see on TV, but instead of funny dances, it's, well, you know *again*! It's like opening Pandora's Box, but instead of hope, it's filled with embarrassing noises and sticky situations.

The ironic twist is that even though they're all acting like total weirdos, they're doing it because they like Shuu-chan! Talk about mixed messages, right? It's like when your friend says your drawing is "interesting" – is it good or bad?

This episode is full of steamy situations and silly misunderstandings. It's totally inappropriate for kids, but hey, at least it's funny... in a strange, kinda wrong-but-you-can't-look-away kind of way. Just promise me you won't try any of this at home, okay? πŸ˜‰