Hatsu Inu 2 Episode 1


Jun 26, 2024

Okay, so like, "Hatsu Inu 2 Episode 1" starts with this guy, Fukaya, right? He's all like, "Where's Fujino?" She's always late! He finds her in the classroom being *naughty* with his desk! It's like when you find your hamster doing something embarrassing in its cage. But then, it gets even weirder! They go to this store that's like, the grown-up version of the toy aisle. Fujino's acting *super* strange, buying all this stuff that makes Fukaya blush. It's like she wants everyone to know she's a grown-up, but she's going about it all wrong.

Then, Fujino starts acting distant, like when your best friend gets a new pet and forgets about you. Fukaya's all confused, like a lost puppy! He goes to the nurse, who's surprisingly good at this whole love advice thing, even though she's always telling everyone to go away. She's like that grumpy lunch lady who secretly slips you extra cookies.

Get this: the nurse says Fujino is acting weird because of the *stuff* Fukaya was looking at in the store! She thinks he likes *that* more than her! Talk about a misunderstanding! It's like when you try to tell someone your favorite color is blue, but they think you said "glue" and now they're covering you in it!

The episode ends with Fujino and Fukaya finally talking. Fujino tries to show Fukaya how she feels, but it's kinda awkward and funny, like when your dad tries to dance. The episode is full of irony, like when you ask for a puppy for your birthday and get a goldfish instead. It's hilarious and embarrassing all at the same time!