Goblin no Suana Episode 3


Jun 26, 2024

Okay, so like, this episode of Goblin no Suana is SOOO dramatic! It's about this newbie adventurer, Ilari, who's like, "I'm gonna slay me some goblins!" She thinks it's gonna be easy peasy, like squashing bugs. She finds this goblin nest, which is probably as gross as my brother's room, and she's all excited. Talk about clueless!

Then, BAM! This HUGE goblin, like a monster truck compared to a toy car, pops out! He's a "goblin champion" - which is a fancy way of saying he's extra strong and, um, *ahem*, well-endowed. Poor Ilari is like a deer in headlights!

And get this, the goblin is all, "Hee hee hee!" He's laughing because, well, you know... goblins. He's not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. He's like that kid in class who eats glue, but with super strength.

So, Ilari gets captured, and things get, um, *uncomfortable*. It's like when you have to sit next to the smelly kid on the bus, but a million times worse! She's all, "This wasn't in the adventurer's handbook!" And then, she has a bunch of babies! I'm talking a whole playground full of goblin babies! It's like a really weird, messed-up fairy tale!

But here's the ironic twist! It was all a dream! Can you believe it? She wakes up in her school desk, thinking, "Phew, glad that's over!" But then, she notices something's different. It's like when you eat too much candy and your tummy feels funny. Yeah, let's just say this episode ends on a *cliffhanger*. Talk about a bad dream!

This episode is like a metaphor for how life can be super unpredictable, like when you think you're going to get pizza for lunch but then it's tuna salad *again*. It teaches us that even though things might seem scary, sometimes they're not real. Or maybe they are? Who knows!

**Important Note:** This story is definitely NOT for kids! It's got grown-up themes and stuff that would make your parents blush. Stick to cartoons, kids!