Goblin no Suana Episode 1


Jun 26, 2024

Okay, so like, imagine a goblin, right? He's basically a walking garbage disposal with a one-track mind. Think less Shrek, more...well, just plain gross. Anyway, his house gets torched by some adventurers (rude!), and he's like, "Time to find some ladies and make more goblins!" because that's apparently what goblins do.

So he stumbles upon this group of pilgrims, and there's this one lady, Anvil, who's all about praying and stuff. It's like watching a dove try to reason with a rabid badger. The goblin is immediately smitten, but like, in a "I'm gonna tie you up and make you have my babies" kind of way.

Anvil gets kidnapped (shocker!) and taken back to the goblin's lair, which is basically a dumpster fire, just like the goblin himself. She prays for help, but it's like asking a dentist for fashion advice – wrong profession!

She tries to fight the goblin off, but it's like trying to stop a runaway train with a feather duster. He has his way with her (we'll spare you the *icky* details), and she's basically left a sobbing mess.

But here's the ironic twist: Anvil convinces herself that getting knocked up by a goblin is actually a *blessing* from her god. Talk about looking for a silver lining on a radioactive cloud!

She gives birth (super quickly, because goblin babies are like microwaved popcorn) and is all, "More goblin babies, please!" It's both disturbing and kinda sad, like watching a clown cry.

The story ends with Anvil fully embracing her new life as a goblin baby factory, which is about as uplifting as a root canal. So yeah, that's Goblin no Suana Episode 1 – a real rollercoaster of emotions... if your rollercoaster only goes down.