Gakuen de Jikan yo Tomare Episode 4


Jun 23, 2024

Okay, so like, Episode 4 of "Gakuen de Jikan yo Tomare" is totally bonkers! It's like someone mixed up a school story with a superhero movie, but then they added, you know, *adult stuff* that kids like me shouldn't be watching!

There's this guy, right? He's like super mad at the principal because he thinks the principal was mean to his mom. So, he's like, "I'm gonna get revenge!" But instead of, like, throwing eggs at his house or something, he decides to, um, *touch* all the girls at the school! And it's not just a little touch, it's like, REALLY inappropriate touching. He even brags about it! Ugh, grow up already!

But here's the crazy part: he can stop time! It's like that movie "Frozen," but instead of singing, he's doing *naughty* things! He even compares one girl's, um, *private area* to an oven! That's just gross!

The main girls, Manaka and Honoka, are best friends like me and my bestie, Lily. They're at the school because it's like the last day or something, even though everyone knows about the bad touching guy. Manaka is like, super tough and tries to fight him, but he's all like, "Nope!" and stops time. Honoka is more quiet, but she's really brave too, even when she doesn't understand what's happening.

The bad guy, he's like, REALLY obsessed with making babies, which is weird because he doesn't even love any of the girls! He keeps saying he wants to "cum" inside them, which I *think* means he wants them to have his puppies? I don't know, my big brother says that's how babies are made, but I think it's way more magical than that!

Anyway, the episode ends with everyone frozen in time, and Manaka and Honoka are like, totally grossed out and confused. It's like a giant pause button got pressed right in the middle of the worst game of tag EVER. I bet the next episode is gonna be super awkward!

Seriously, though, this show is messed up. Don't watch it!