Jun 17, 2024

Bijukubo Episode 1? Oh boy, this one is a DOOZY!

So, there's this guy, Youhei, and he lives with his mom, Kaho, and his "sister," Fumika. It's like a normal family, except they live in a place where everyone wears very little clothes! Youhei is about to go to university, which is like a super big school for grown ups! He's excited, but then BAM! His world gets flipped upside down like a pancake!

Turns out, Kaho and Fumika AREN'T his real family. They're like, his aunt and cousin! And they've been keeping a BIG secret about his real mom. Talk about a birthday surprise! This new aunt, Ikue, shows up like a genie in a bottle and wants Youhei to be part of HER family.

Now Youhei is SUPER confused. It's like trying to pick between pizza and ice cream - both sound good! He loves Kaho and Fumika like a caterpillar loves its leaves, but Ikue is like a shiny butterfly, all pretty and tempting.

What happens next? Well, let's just say that Youhei learns a LOT about "family" in this episode. It's like a game of tag, but with way more kissing and people getting naked. There are even parts where someone pees in the bath, which is GROSS, but also kinda funny because Youhei gets in trouble for it!

The episode ends with Youhei feeling VERY confused and a little bit guilty. It's like he ate ALL the cookies before dinner and now his tummy hurts. Will he choose his new family or stay with the ones he's always known? You gotta watch the next episode to find out!