Jun 15, 2024

Overflow Episode 3: Two Hearts Getting Closer? (Because that's what they call it, I guess)

Okay, so this episode is about this guy, right? Let's call him McDreamy because he seems to think he's all that. He's got two "sisters" who aren't *really* his sisters. It's like when you say your best friend is your sister, except they take it *way* too seriously. Like, sharing-a-milkshake-with-two-straws seriously.

McDreamy messed things up with Not-Sister #1, let's call her "Kotone" (because I bet you can't tell them apart anyway), last episode. Now he's feeling all awkward around Not-Sister #2, who we'll call "Ayane" (but she basically likes pudding just as much, so really, what's the difference?). He tries to say sorry, but then Ayane is like, "You think I'm *cute*?" (Insert eye roll here. C'mon, Ayane, have some standards!)

So, McDreamy gets all confused because he liked Ayane when they were kids (ew, right?), but now she's different. It's like when your favorite candy changes its recipe, and it's just not the same anymore. Anyway, one thing leads to another (use your imagination, I'm not explaining *that*), and they end up doing stuff that's definitely NOT in the sibling handbook.

The episode ends with Ayane acting weird (shocker!), and then McDreamy never sees her again! Talk about your ironic twists! It's like waiting in line for that new candy, only to find out they closed the store.

Will McDreamy find his long-lost pudding-loving not-sister? Will he ever realize that maybe, just maybe, this whole "not-sister" thing is kinda messed up? Tune in next time for more awkwardness and questionable life choices in Overflow Episode 4!