Zutto Suki Datta Episode 2


Jun 17, 2024

Okay, so like, imagine a soap opera but with WAY more blushing and weird noises. That's Zutto Suki Datta Episode 2 for ya.

So, we got Shiraha, right? She's like that kid in class who's always freaking out about their homework. Total scaredy-cat, even about normal stuff, especially when it comes to this creepy teacher, Kuroki. He's like the opposite of a prince charming. Think more like a troll who uses blackmail instead of a club.

Kuroki's got this whole "It's for your own good" thing going on, even though he's, you know, totally taking advantage of Shiraha. He's all like "You're a natural, just like when you swim!" which is pretty messed up 'cause, hello, the girl almost drowned once! It's like he WANTS her to feel out of control. Talk about a bad swim instructor!

Shiraha's trying to be strong, she really is! She's like "No! Stop! Don't!" But her body's like a traitor, turning into a puddle of goo every time Kuroki breathes near her. It's like her brain and her lady bits are playing tug-of-war, and guess who's winning? *Spoiler alert*: It's not her brain.

The whole thing is a big ol' mess of mixed messages and icky feelings. Shiraha's all confused, kinda like when you mix all the sodas at a birthday party and it tastes super gross. She keeps thinking about her old crush, Kin-chan, which is like, way to rub salt in the wound, show!

The worst part? By the end, Shiraha's starting to believe Kuroki's lies. It's like that time you fell for the "I'm not tickling you, I'm just holding your sides" trick. Not cool, show, not cool at all!