Zton Jingai Animation: A Beautiful Greed Nulu Nulu Episode 1


Jun 17, 2024
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Okay, so like, "Zton Jingai Animation" is TOTALLY trying to be all fancy with its long title and stuff, but it's really just about this dude, Fumi. He's like, REALLY into demi-humans, which are like, half-animal, half-people things. It's kinda weird, but also kinda cool?

Anyway, Fumi is married to Rea, who's a centaur, so you know, half-horse! It's like that story about the Trojan Horse, except Rea's way prettier and instead of hiding soldiers, she hides... well, you'll see. They own a bar, but it's always getting messed up because Fumi keeps attracting demi-humans like flies to honey! And then he gets all heroic and protects Rea, even though she's probably tougher than him! It's like he's trying to be a knight in shining armor, but he forgets his armor most of the time.

Then there's this whole thing where Fumi goes looking for a mermaid (or a "cecaelia" like they call it in the story - like someone used a thesaurus too much). He finds this little mermaid girl, and it's like REALLY weird because she's got suction cups instead of nipples! It's kinda gross, but also, kinda cool? Fumi, being Fumi, decides to "teach her a lesson" which is his codeword for... you know.

And THEN, there's another part with this orca girl, Kuku-chan. She's like, REALLY small, but also, REALLY good at certain things if you know what I mean. Haru, her owner, is always getting in trouble because Kuku-chan is, well, REALLY enthusiastic. It's all very complicated and grown-up.

So yeah, "Zton Jingai Animation" is a wild ride! It's full of weird creatures, awkward situations, and lots of... stuff that grown-ups do. I'm not sure I understood everything, but I think it's probably better that way.