Jun 15, 2024

## Overflow Episode 5: A Locker Room Rendezvous and the Sweet Smell of...Pudding?

Overflow Episode 5 is like if someone spilled a whole juice box of awkward onto a sports festival. Our main characters, who are totally NOT related by blood (they said it like a million times, so it MUST be true), are being all weird and confusing. Ayane is acting like she lost her favorite sticker and her "onii-chan" is just happy someone remembered he exists.

So, Ayane lures her oblivious "brother" into the forbidden land of the GIRLS' LOCKER ROOM (scandalous!) because apparently, that's where mature conversations about their "feelings" happen. Turns out, Ayane has been ghosting him because their last…encounter…left her more flustered than a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. It's like that time I tried to share my pudding but dropped it on the floor – super embarrassing!

Of course, "onii-chan," being as smooth as a Lego, reassures her in the least reassuring way possible. They proceed to get hot and bothered (sweaty from all the drama, I guess?) and almost get caught with their pants down. Metaphorically. I hope.

Meanwhile, the third wheel (I think her name is also "sister?") is just chilling at home, eating pudding and lamenting her sad, single life. She's like the forgotten toy at the bottom of the toy box – neglected and covered in dust bunnies of loneliness.

This whole episode is a big ol' metaphor for the dangers of mixed signals and the importance of communication. Or maybe it's just about a bunch of horny teenagers who need a cold shower. Either way, I'm giving it a solid "C" for effort. I mean, at least they remembered to lock the locker room door? Safety first, kids!