Jun 15, 2024

## Overflow Episode 4: A Flushed Body Going Wild (A Totally Objective Review)

Okay, so like, Overflow Episode 4 is totally about these three people who are like siblings, but not really. It's like that old story about the three bears, except these guys are way more into cuddling, if you get my drift. Our main dude, Kazushi, is like, totally crushing on Ayane, but she's giving him the silent treatment. It's like when you eat the last cookie and your sister won't talk to you, but with more blushing and weird tension.

Meanwhile, Kotone, the other "sister," is like a hyperactive puppy, always wanting attention from Kazushi. She's failing math, or at least that's what she wants him to think! It's all a sneaky plan to get those tutoring sessions nice and steamy. They already had a "bath time" incident (use your imagination, silly!), and now Kotone's like, "Let's do math! With our clothes off!"

This episode is a roller coaster of emotions! One minute they're talking about y-axes, and the next minute, BAM! Kotone's scarf "accidentally" falls off. It's like playing Twister, but instead of dots, it's body parts. And chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

The irony is thicker than the awkwardness in a middle school dance. Kazushi wants Ayane, but Kotone wants him, and Ayane is just off screen, probably eating pudding and judging everyone. It's a classic love triangle, with extra helpings of "what did I just watch?"

Will Kazushi ever confess his feelings to Ayane? Will Kotone ever learn to solve for X without taking her shirt off? Will someone please explain the significance of pudding in this series?! Find out (maybe) in the next episode of Overflow!