Helter Skelter Episode 3


Jun 26, 2024

Helter Skelter Episode 3: Where Consent Went to Die (and so did my innocence)

Okay, so like, imagine a bunch of grown-ups going to a village for a photoshoot. Sounds kinda boring, right? Well, it is... until it's NOT! This episode is like opening your mom's closet and finding a creepy doll instead of her shoes - super unexpected and kinda messed up.

We've got Miu, the shy college girl, her sisters (Fubuki the model and Haruka the wannabe idol), and their mom, Sayoko, who designs clothes. They're supposed to be like the poster family for this village's festival. Only, the villagers are like the weird kids in school who eat glue - they have *interesting* ideas about fun.

Turns out, their festival is all about chasing someone dressed as a "wild boar." Sounds innocent, right? WRONG! They don't just chase the "boar," they... well, let's just say they get *very* friendly. Like, way too friendly for Miu's liking. She gets tricked into being the "boar" and things get real creepy, real fast. Imagine your goldfish bowl suddenly filled with spiders - yeah, THAT level of creepy.

There's this creepy dude in a mask (like, seriously, who wears a mask all the time?) and he's filming EVERYTHING. It's like he's making a home video, but instead of birthdays, it's... yeah, you get the idea. Poor Miu is like a bug under a magnifying glass - totally helpless.

Her sisters try to save her, but they get roped into the whole messed-up festival too. It's like a game of tag where everyone loses. And the worst part? Kasukabe, the guy who was supposed to be looking after them, is in on it! Talk about a wolf in sheep's clothing! More like a creepy dude in normal-person clothing.

This episode is full of twists and turns, kind of like that playground slide that always gives you a static shock. Just when you think it can't get any weirder, BAM! It does. Let's just say, by the end, you'll be looking at village festivals a whole lot differently. And probably needing a shower. Lots of showers.