Hatsukoi Jikan Episode 3


Jun 26, 2024

Okay, so this episode of "First Love Time" is like a rollercoaster ride, except the rollercoaster only goes up and down in *really* awkward ways. It starts with Takaya, who's like the richest kid in school, trying to figure out if his maid, Anri, actually likes him back. It's like he's trying to solve a math problem, but the numbers keep changing into hearts and question marks.

Anri is a whole other story. Imagine a squirrel trying to hide a really, REALLY big nut. That's Anri trying to hide her feelings. She makes Takaya lunch, then pretends she didn't. She blushes, then calls him a pervert. It's enough to give you emotional whiplash!

Then there's the setting. This episode takes place in a kitchen, which is ironic because the only thing hotter than the stove is Takaya and Anri's weird tension. They even end up in a love hotel, which is like bringing a water balloon to a swimming pool - you know what's gonna happen!

And boy, does it happen. Let's just say they "learn" a lot about each other, and Takaya uses the phrase "give birth to my baby" way more than any sane person should. Anri's like a deer in headlights, except the headlights are attached to a really persistent boyfriend.

The episode ends with their wedding day, which is kind of sweet, but also makes you wonder if Anri secretly spiked the punch with something a little stronger than fruit juice.

The whole thing is a big, messy metaphor for how confusing first love can be. It's cute, it's cringy, and it definitely leaves you wanting more... or maybe a glass of water after all that rollercoaster riding.