Hatsukoi Jikan Episode 2


Jun 26, 2024

Okay, so like, imagine this: Episode 2 of "First Love Time" is like a weird mix of a soap opera and, well, you know *whispers* *naughty stuff*. It's about this super awkward rich kid named Takaya and his maid, Anri, who's basically like the queen of backhanded compliments. They used to be childhood friends, but now it's like a constant game of "I hate you but secretly kinda like you." Think Romeo and Juliet, but instead of poison, there's, um, other stuff.

Anri's always scolding Takaya for being a "dullard" and a "pervert." And like, okay, she's not wrong. Takaya walks in on Anri, let's just say "taking care of herself" on his bed. Awkward much? But instead of freaking out, Anri turns the tables and basically blackmails Takaya into, well, joining in. It's like a really messed up game of Twister!

And the irony? Anri acts all high and mighty, calling Takaya a "lewd master," but she's the one who turns into a total moan-monster. It's like she secretly enjoys putting him in his place, even if it means getting a little dirty herself.

The whole thing is like a train wreck you can't look away from. They're both super messed up, but maybe, just maybe, they're perfect for each other in their own weird way.