Jun 26, 2024

Okay, so like, "Hatsu Inu" episode 2 is TOTALLY dramatic. It's like a soap opera but with more, um, *adult* situations. πŸ˜…

So, we got Fukaya, right? He's kinda like that kid in class who always forgets his homework, especially after hanging out with Fujino. See, Fujino is like, REALLY intense. She's like a hurricane of emotions and stuff. Anyway, they have this... *special* relationship.

Then there's Mita, who swoops in like a sneaky ninja! She's all like, "Hey Fujino, I know you're not happy with Fukaya, so give him this *magic potion*!" Mita says it will spice things up, but like, DUH! It's obviously a love potion! πŸ’– Of course, things go hilariously wrong because, like, Fujino accidentally drinks the love potion too! It's like that time I ate all those gummy worms and got a tummy ache!

So now both girls are crazy for Fukaya! It's a big mess with love triangles and misunderstandings, kind of like when Billy brought two cupcakes to school on Valentine's Day, and everyone got jealous.

And get this, Mita is secretly in love with Fukaya too! She's like the volcano we learned about in science, all quiet on the outside but with fiery love underneath! πŸŒ‹

The story has a happy ending though, kinda. Fukaya FINALLY realizes he loves Fujino, but only after Mita tricks him into saying it! It's like when my baby brother says he's sorry, but only because Mommy is holding a cookie! πŸͺ

The episode ends with Mita still crushing on Fukaya, so I bet there's gonna be MORE drama in episode 3! I can't wait to see what happens! πŸ˜„