Jun 26, 2024

Okay, so like, Haritsuke Episode 2 is totally wild! It's like a soap opera but with more...stuff.

So, Ms. Saegusa, our poor, innocent teacher (or is she?!) is still recovering from the last episode where those naughty boys did *things* to her. She's like a fragile flower that someone trampled on, except the flower kinda liked it? It's confusing.

Anyway, now the school security guard, who's like a grumpy grandpa but with a "magic stick," catches her and decides to give her a "lesson" she won't forget. He's like the troll guarding the bridge, except instead of asking riddles he asks for...well, you know.

It's super awkward because the boys are watching, and instead of being heroes they're just like, "Oooh! Spicy!" They're like the little devils on the grandpa's shoulder, urging him on!

Then there's this whole thing about a curtain? It's like a magic trick where you think you know what's happening, but then BAM! It's even crazier! More boys, more "fun" for Ms. Saegusa. It's like she's stuck in a video game she can't pause, and the controls are broken.

The ending? Well, it's like a bad report card. You think it's going to be okay, Ms. Saegusa is getting married and everything, but then you see the grades and...yikes! It's like the hourglass flipped, and now she's the one on top, but it doesn't feel like winning? This whole episode is like that - kind of funny, kind of sad, and totally messed up.