Harem Time The Animation Episode 2


Jun 26, 2024

Okay, so like, imagine a soap opera written by someone who just learned about metaphors and made it their life's mission to use them in every sentence. That's *Harem Time: The Animation* Episode 2, "I Want a Baby," for you.

Our hero, Reiji (because of course his name is Reiji), is drowning in a sea of estrogen. He's got his new wife, Misuzu, and her daughter, Misaki, who seems to think stepdads are just dads you get to kiss *everywhere*. It's a classic Oedipus complex, but with more tentacles... I mean, love! Yeah, more love. Misuzu, like the dutiful wife she is, decides to spice things up with a little mother-daughter rivalry, because who needs family therapy when you have a big ol' harem, right?

Meanwhile, Reiji's childhood friend, Alice, is patiently waiting in the wings, desperately wanting to cash in on that "make me your wife" promise Reiji made when they were like, five. But there's also Hanazawa, Reiji's doctor and the embodiment of the phrase "I'm a professional, but..." She's basically the cool aunt who shows up with tequila shots when the family drama gets too much.

The setting? Some mansion that screams "we're rich, but emotionally bankrupt." It's like the set of a Shakespearean tragedy, but instead of swords, they're battling with… well, you get the idea.

The main theme? Apparently, it's baby fever! Everyone wants a piece of the Reiji baby pie, and they're not afraid to get their hands dirty (literally). There's some half-hearted talk about finding a suitable wife to inherit the family business, but mostly it's just a bunch of women throwing themselves at Reiji and him being all like, "Oh no, they're making me do it!"

The big ironic twist? After all that baby-making mayhem, they still haven't decided on a legal wife! Because apparently, seven kids aren't enough to seal the deal in this family.

So yeah, *Harem Time: The Animation* Episode 2: It's a wild ride, but not necessarily one you want to admit to being on.