Harem Time The Animation Episode 1


Jun 26, 2024

## Harem Time: The Animation - Episode 1: Because Incest is Best? And Also Money!

So, like, this anime starts with Reiji-kun, who is like, totally clueless. He's got all these girls after him - I mean *all* of them! It's like they've never seen a guy before. They keep calling him "Master" which is kinda weird, like he's a dog or something. Anyway, turns out Reiji-kun's mom was the "mistress" - like she was in charge of teaching everyone about cats or something - but actually it means she was dating the boss of a HUGE company.

So now Reiji-kun is the boss! Except he's like "No way, I don't wanna do homework, I mean run a company!" But then they're all like "You have to get married and make a baby first!" and Reiji-kun's like "Wait, what?"

This is where things get REALLY weird. They bring out all these girls, like a buffet of boobs, and they're all over him. It's like they want to eat him alive! They even know what he "likes" which is creepy. It's like they've been spying on him or something!

Reiji-kun's freaking out, but they just keep going and going, like the Energizer bunny but with more moaning. He's like a piece of meat in a shark tank!

Then, OMG, this other girl shows up, Alice. She's like the queen bee of the harem. She's all "I'm going to be your wife and make you babies!" And Reiji-kun's like "Uh, no thanks, I like someone else." Which, duh, everyone was thinking it.

But Alice is like, "Not if I have anything to say about it!" and then she jumps him too! Poor Reiji-kun. It's like a pack of wolves chasing a bunny rabbit!

In the next part, we meet this other guy who has a crush on Hiraizumi-senpai. She's like, super popular and everyone wants to be her friend. She's also a total tease, like a cat playing with a mouse. She gets him all hot and bothered, and then just leaves him hanging!

The episode ends back at the company where they bring in Reiji-kun's actual crush, Hanazawa-san! But she's only there because the company is forcing her to be his wife so they'll give her dad money! It's like a soap opera, but with more tentacles... I mean, maybe not tentacles, but you get the idea.

This show is crazy! It's like a train wreck you can't look away from. Will Reiji-kun ever escape the harem? Will Alice turn into a giant monster and destroy the city? Will Hanazawa-san's dad ever sell enough cookies to save his business? Find out next time on... Harem Time!