Jun 26, 2024

## Harem Cult Episode 1: So... Many... Fluids... (A Review by a Third Grader)

Okay, so this hentai starts off super weird! It's like those times you accidentally walk into your parents' room and see something you shouldn't. This guy, Tatsumi, is lured to a creepy house by this girl, Shimura. She's like the kid who steals your lunch money and then acts all innocent. Turns out, she's part of some secret club or something, and they like to tie people up! And take pictures! 🀨 It's messed up!

So, Shimura gets punished for being a sneaky little gremlin, but here's the weird part: she actually kinda *likes* it! It's like when you eat broccoli because your mom makes you, but then you realize it's not so bad. She keeps asking for more and more, even though she says it's gross! Girls are confusing!

Then this other senior, Hatorishima, shows up. She's like the school principal, but instead of giving detentions, she makes people do *other* stuff. She's like, "You're gonna be my student and learn all about... *this*!" 🀒 They even make Tatsumi cut some hair down there, and suddenly everyone's getting all hot and bothered! It's like a water balloon fight, but instead of water, it's... you know.

Hatorishima also knows *everything* about everyone's love life! Like, she could totally win "Guess the Crush" at our school dance! She even knows about Akahori, the track star who's totally addicted to boys! πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸ’¨ Akahori's supposed to be all sporty and stuff, but she turns into a giggling mess in that creepy house.

By the end, everyone's exhausted and covered in... stuff. It's like a food fight in the cafeteria, but way more awkward. I'm not even sure what happened, but I think I need a shower just from watching! 🚿

**The Big Takeaway:** This episode was weird, even for grown-up stuff! It's like they took a bunch of random things - school clubs, blackmail, creepy houses - and threw them in a blender. I guess the lesson is: never trust a girl who asks you to come over and "see her puppies." They might actually have something else in mind!