Harem Camp! Episode 4


Jun 26, 2024

Okay, so like, Episode 4 of "Harem Camp!" is totally wild! It's like a giant metaphor for how boys think camping trips go, but with way more blushing and awkward moments.

Our main dude, he's like the teacher but also not, is stuck with this gaggle of girls who are all, surprise, totally into him. It's like they read the same "How to Get Your Sensei to Notice You" manual. There's Aki-chan, she's the super forward one, kinda like the queen bee of this love triangle… uh… I mean, camping trip. Then there's Minami, who's all shy and flustered, kinda like a lost puppy, which is ironic 'cause someone brought an ACTUAL puppy! Talk about a recipe for disaster.

Anyway, they get to the campsite and it's all, "Oh no, it's hot in this tent!" which is totally code for something else. It's like that story about the Trojan Horse, but instead of soldiers hiding inside, it's hormones!

The teacher guy is trying to be all noble, like, "We can't do this, remember that time…?" but Aki-chan is like, "Nope, you totally want this, I can see it in your eyes!" She even brought protection, which is kinda responsible, I guess?

Meanwhile, the other girls are off making lunch, oblivious to the steamy situation going down in the tent. It's like a soap opera, but with more sleeping bags.

And the ending? Well, let's just say Aki-chan gets her way (shocker!), and our hero is left wondering if he'll ever survive this camping trip. But hey, at least there's a catchy song about tents and soft hearts, right?

This episode was like a rollercoaster! It was exciting, kinda funny, but also made me feel a little icky. I give it a gold star for effort and a time-out for being kinda gross. Can't wait to see what crazy shenanigans they get up to in Episode 5!