Harem Camp! Episode 1


Jun 26, 2024

## Harem Camp! Episode 1: A Five-Year-Old Explains It All

This episode is about a guy named Haruki who just wants to camp alone like a big boy scout. He goes up a mountain, drinks beer like daddy, and wishes a pretty lady would magically appear. It's like that story about the genie in the lamp, except instead of a lamp, it's a beer can, and instead of a genie, it's... well, you'll see.

Suddenly, four girls in, like, REALLY weird camping outfits show up. They're like, totally lost, and Haruki's all like, "Fine, you can stay in my awesome tent." He's probably thinking about princesses because his tent is now full of girls! One of them is pink, one is mad, and I don't remember the other two, but they're probably there to be rescued or something.

Then, there's this whole confusing thing about the "pink girl" turning out to be a boy?! But then she's a girl again? Grown-ups are so weird. Anyway, Haruki gets handsy with the pink girl (who's totally a girl now, I guess). He's all like, "Your legs are so soft!" and she's like, "Stop it! You're drunk!" It's like when my brother pokes me in the car - annoying, but you kinda like the attention anyway.

The episode ends with everyone being super awkward in the tent. I bet someone has to go pee in the woods. I give it one juice box out of five because it was confusing, and I don't like beer. I bet Episode 2 has more hot springs and less talking!