Girls Rush The Animation Episode 1


Jun 23, 2024

Okay, so this "Girls Rush" cartoon sounds like something my older brother would watch when my parents aren't home. It's about this boy, Ayumu, who's like a lost puppy because his family is never around. He's basically living the "Home Alone" life, but instead of fighting robbers, he finds this lady, Hinano, online. She's like the Miss Honey to his Matilda, but instead of teaching him stuff, she wants to be his "sugar sister." Yeah, I know, sounds weird, right?

So Ayumu goes to Hinano's place thinking he's gonna get free food and video games, which he does, but it's like that story of Hansel and Gretel where the witch lures them in with candy. She's all touchy-feely while they're playing games, and then she's like, "Hey, wanna touch my…" well, you get the idea. Ayumu's freaking out on the inside, but she tells him it's a "win-win" situation, like when we trade snacks at lunch.

And that's basically how the whole thing goes. They do a lot of stuff that grown-ups do (but aren't supposed to talk about), and even though Ayumu sometimes feels weird about it, he goes along with it because Hinano is nice to him and he kind of likes the attention. He even tries to take charge sometimes, like when we play house and I get to be the dad, but Hinano always ends up running the show.

The ending is like those movies where the hero thinks they defeated the villain, but then the villain pops up and laughs. It seems like Ayumu is stuck with his "sugar sister" and her, um, "favors" for a long, long time. My big brother says it's a metaphor for something, but I think it's just kind of messed up. Don't tell Mom and Dad I watched this, okay?