Genkaku Cool na Sensei ga Aheboteochi! Episode 1


Jun 23, 2024

Okay, so imagine a story written in crayon, with lots of exclamation marks!!! It's about this guy, Souma, who's totally obsessed with his older, super serious teacher, Rinne. He's like a puppy dog following her around, even though she acts like he's invisible! It's kind of sad, like a deflated balloon.

Souma tries writing her a love letter, which is like Romeo trying to woo Juliet, but instead of a balcony, Rinne embarrasses him in front of the whole class! Ouch!

Enter the wacky school nurse, Hazuki, who gives Souma a "popularity potion" that's basically a recipe for disaster. It gives him a HUGE problem, if you know what I mean. Hazuki, being the "helpful" nurse she is, decides to "help" Souma with his problem... in a very, very hands-on way. (I bet you can guess what happens next!)

Then, Rinne walks in and totally flips out! It's like she found her hamster eating all her candy! See, Hazuki knew Rinne actually had a crush on Souma too (girls are so confusing!). So she blackmails Rinne - she has 10 days to admit her feelings or Souma and Hazuki are outta there!

So, it's a race against time! Will Rinne finally confess her hidden love? Or will Souma and Hazuki get kicked out of school? It's like a really, really awkward game of tag, but with more blushing and weird side effects!