Fuurinkanzan Episode 1


Jun 23, 2024

## Fuurinkanzan Episode 1: A Third Grader's Totally-Not-Inappropriate Review

So, like, this story is about princesses and stuff, but also, like, not really. It's about Akane and Manahime, who are sisters and princesses, which is cool, but they're stuck in this big castle 'cause a meanie named Imae wants to... marry Manahime? I think?

Anyway, he's got a lot of soldiers, kinda like an ant hill, and the princess' army is more like, um, five ants? So, their advisor, who's kinda like the smartest kid in class but also kinda sneaky, comes up with a plan that's like fighting fire with fire, but instead of fire it's... well, you'll see.

Remember Akane? The meanies capture her and she's all like, "My brother will save me!" but he doesn't, which is sad. Then this guy, he's like the bully who eats paste, he does bad stuff to Akane. Like, really bad stuff. It's kind of like when someone takes your favorite crayon and breaks it in half, except way worse. And then other guys join in, and it's like a whole box of crayons getting smashed!

Meanwhile, Akane's dad, the king, isn't much better. He's like that kid who always forgets his permission slip AND blames it on you. He gets tricked by the "using fire to fight fire" plan and ends up... well, let's just say crayons aren't the only things getting smashed.

It's super ironic, you know, because they're trying to be all sneaky and stuff, but it's like trying to hide a glitter bomb, it's gonna explode everywhere! And the episode just ends! Like, what happens next? Do the princesses escape? Does Imae get his ants kicked? I guess I gotta watch episode two to find out, even though my mom says I'm not supposed to watch this kind of stuff! ๐Ÿคซ