Fuufu Koukan: Modorenai Yoru Episode 7


Jun 23, 2024

Okay, buckle up for "Fuufu Koukan: Modorenai Yoru Episode 7", or as I like to call it, "More Drama Than a Soap Opera Made of Actual Soap".

So, Kanade and Reiji, our star-crossed (and very naked) lovers, are on a trip. Remember how last week they were all like Romeo and Juliet, except with more questionable consent? Well, this week they're trying to figure out if their love is real or if it's just a side effect of all the, *ahem*, "activities" they've been doing.

They go to a cafe (because nothing says "deep conversation about feelings" like a cappuccino) and Kanade is feeding Reiji cake. Like, with a spoon! It's very romantic, in a "we're-definitely-compensating-for-something" kind of way.

Meanwhile, their actual spouses are back home, looking sad and eating monaka biscuits. They're like the leftovers nobody wants, which is kind of sad. But then again, they did sign up for this whole wife-swapping scheme, so… *shrugs*

Anyway, back to Kanade and Reiji. They watch a play about Izanagi and Izanami, which is like the Japanese version of Orpheus and Eurydice, except WAY more tragic. And wouldn't you know it, they see themselves in the story! Or maybe they're just projecting? It's hard to tell with these two.

The episode ends with (surprise, surprise!) more bedroom shenanigans. But this time, it's different! Or so they say. It's like they're trying to convince themselves that their fake relationship is real, which is kind of like trying to make a sandcastle out of dust bunnies – it's just not gonna work.

So yeah, that's episode 7 in a nutshell: Confusion, questionable metaphors, and enough emotional baggage to fill a jumbo jet. Stay tuned next week when, knowing this show, things will probably get even weirder!