Fushigi no Kuni no Succubus Episode 1


Jun 23, 2024

## Fushigi no Kuni no Succubus Episode 1: "Hold My Juice Box, I'm Going In!"

**A Review by [Insert Imaginary 3rd Grader Name Here]**

So, this story is like Alice in Wonderland, but instead of tea parties, it's all about... *grown-up stuff*. Our hero, Reito, is like totally clueless - think a baby deer that wandered into a biker bar. He falls down a well (classic Reito) and ends up in Sex Demon Land!

First, he meets Succubus. She's like the class clown, always saying "boobs" and stuff, but she's kinda nice... if you like that sorta thing. Then there's Louise, the "delinquent princess" (her words, not mine!). She's bossy and likes to tell everyone what to do, kinda like my big sister!

Anyway, these two Sex Demons are like, REALLY into Reito. It's like he's a giant lollipop and they're trying to lick him all over! Louise even makes Reito touch Succubus' "sensitive spots" (eww!) to teach him about girls. Succubus gets all tired out (I bet it was exhausting!), which Louise says is good because then she can't "feast" on Reito. Apparently, that's what Sex Demons do... they're like energy vampires, but instead of biting your neck, they, well... use their imaginations. A lot.

Louise decides to help Reito get home, but she wants something in return (shocker!). Succubus gets fired from her job (oops!), so now she's free to hang out with Reito too! Lucky him? πŸ€”

The rest of the episode is basically just Louise and Succubus taking turns with Reito, even though he's like, "Uh, I've never done *this* before?" It's like they didn't even hear him! They're all like, "Ooh, your 'dick' is so cute!" and "Let it all out!" (I think they need a nap).

So yeah, it's weird. It's like they took a kids' story and then someone's dad got a hold of it. But hey, at least Reito seems to be having a good time...? I guess?