Jun 23, 2024

Okay, so like, episode 4 of Furifure 2 is totally wild! It's about this girl Sumire who's basically homeless 'cause her mom died, so she does "meet-ups" online for money, which is like when you trade something for something else, but way naughtier!

She meets this guy Kaito, who's a teacher, but he's kind of a jerk who doesn't like girls... except he secretly loves doing it with Sumire. It's like they're playing tag, but with their bathing suit areas! The twist is that they're supposed to be brother and sister, which is like super-duper wrong. Like, spilling juice on your homework wrong!

Anyway, they keep doing it everywhere, even in the boy's bathroom at school! Sumire's friend Miki catches them, and she's all like, "What the heck?!" She tells Kaito to back off, but then he's like, "But I have feelings for her now!" Smooth talker, much?

So they go on a date, but Miki totally cockblocks them, which is like when someone ruins your fun. It starts raining, and they get caught in a gazebo, which is like a fancy outdoor cage. Kaito uses the rain as an excuse to get busy with Sumire again, which is kinda messed up 'cause it's like he's taking advantage. He's like a sneaky fox!

Later, Sumire meets another guy from the "meet-ups," and Kaito gets all jealous, even though he's the one who doesn't want a girlfriend! Double standard much? Then he gets handsy with Sumire again, which is starting to get old.

This episode is like a rollercoaster! It's exciting and wrong at the same time, like eating candy for dinner. I don't know if I should be grossed out or feel sorry for these characters!