Jun 23, 2024

Furifure 2 Episode 1: Because Incest Makes Everything Better? (Definitely NOT for Kids!)

Okay, so this episode starts out with Sumire, who's like, REALLY nervous because it's her first time, you know? And her stepbrother Kai is totally cool with it, even though it's totally weird 'cause they're, like, FAMILY. It's like finding out your goldfish is actually your long-lost twin, except WAY more awkward.

Sumire's all, "This is embarrassing!" every five seconds, which is kinda understandable given the situation. Imagine having to explain THIS family reunion! Kai, on the other hand, is like the Energizer Bunny of awkwardness - he just keeps going and going. He even compares the smell of her sweat to spices, which is just...ew.

Then there's this whole drama about Sumire needing a place to stay because her uncle is about as useful as a chocolate teapot. Conveniently, Kai has a spare room, and suddenly they're playing "happy sibling" even though they just met. It's like they skipped ahead to the weirdest chapter of a really messed up storybook.

Speaking of messed up, Kai drops the bomb that they're actually blood-related. Now, any normal person would be horrified, right? But Sumire? She uses it as an excuse to keep living with him! It's like she traded in a bad landlord for a walking, talking Oedipus complex.

The episode ends with Sumire having a sudden change of heart, deciding she wants their "relationship" to last, even though it's wronger than a rainbow-colored zebra.

Basically, it's a confusing, uncomfortable mess that's about as subtle as a brick to the face. It's like the writers took a bunch of taboo subjects, threw them in a blender with zero logic, and hit "puree." Don't watch this expecting a heartwarming story about family.