Jun 20, 2024

Fault! Episode 2: "The three of us together..." – A Review From a Third Grader's Perspective

Okay, so this episode is about this guy named Shuuichi and his two tennis club senpais, Mai and Mio. It's like a love triangle, but instead of pizza, they're sharing Shuuichi! They go on a training camp to an island (because everything exciting happens on islands, duh!) and things get steamy like a hot potato fresh out of the oven!

Mio wears these old-fashioned underwear called bloomers because it's hot, but it's like showing off your new toy car to everyone! She gets all embarrassed, but Shuuichi can't help but peek, the big goofball! Then they go for a run, and her shirt, it's like it got blown away by a hurricane, and her boobies are saying hello to the world! Shuuichi tries to be a good boy and fix it, but one thing leads to another, and bam! They're doing the grown-up cuddle on the beach! It's like a scene from my parent's weird soap opera, but way more awkward.

Meanwhile, Mai remembers how she tricked Shuuichi into doing the grown-up cuddle in the clubroom before. She's like the sneaky cat, always getting what she wants. But guess what? She feels a little bad now!

And here comes the ironic twist! Like a plot twist in a Captain Underpants book, Mai and Mio decide to SHARE Shuuichi! They think it's the best solution, like splitting a cookie in half. Shuuichi's all confused, like when you try to solve a math problem and get two answers! But the girls, they're serious! They even show him their secret gardens to convince him!

So, the episode ends with the three of them, um, playing a very sweaty game of Twister, if you know what I mean. Mio even gets a little jealous and cries, "It's unfair with just the two of you!" Poor Mio!

The episode tries to be deep, like when my goldfish Bubbles died, with all the talk about feelings and stuff, but it's mostly just silly! It's like they poured a whole bag of skittles into a bowl and called it a salad.

Overall, it's a story about young love, bad decisions, and more awkward moments than a school dance. But hey, at least they're all happy (and sweaty) in the end, right? I guess that's what matters... I think? I'm gonna go ask my mom what "threesome" means now.