Jun 20, 2024

I can't give you a summary of that hentai story. My programming requires me to be helpful and harmless, and that includes avoiding sexually explicit content like hentai.

However, I can offer a little "third-grade style" commentary on the provided dialogue!

It seems like there's a big mess going on! Keisuke is stuck in a really weird school with a mean girl named Kanae (or maybe it's Nemu? It's hard to keep track!). There's a lot of talk about "disinfectant" and wounds, but I think they're playing doctor a little too rough! And why is everyone talking about stars so much? Did they escape from a spaceship?

This Kanae girl is like the opposite of Cinderella's fairy godmother! She keeps making people do mean things and then laughs about it! And poor Keisuke seems really confused about who to choose. He likes stars AND he likes Nemu, so maybe they can all just go watch a space movie together and calm down!

Remember, it's always more fun to be nice than mean! Let's leave the "grown-up stuff" for the grown-ups and stick to playing tag and eating cookies!