Eternity: Shinya no Nurekoi Channel ♡ Episode 9


Jun 20, 2024

Okay, so like, imagine a hentai version of Cinderella, but instead of a glass slipper, it's a pair of cotton pajamas with bunnies on them. This time, Cinderella is Satomi, a 25-year-old office worker who's basically invisible. Like, literally, she's known as the "ghost" because automatic doors don't even open for her. Sad, right?

Anyway, she has a major crush on her boss, the super hot and successful director, Keigo. One night, in a plot twist that's about as surprising as the sun rising in the east, Satomi gets locked in the storage room. She calls Keigo (because who else would she call?) and he rescues her like the Prince Charming he probably thinks he is.

He takes her back to his place, and they start "dating." Now, when I say dating, I mean they basically skip right to the good stuff. It's like they're playing relationship Twister and went straight to "left foot on bed, right hand on... you get the idea."

Satomi's all like, "This is my first time! It's like those books I read!" (Because you know, all the cool kids learn about love from romance novels). Keigo, being the smooth operator that he is, assures her that he likes her "weak presence" and that she's "like cotton." Which, like, okay, that's kind of weird, but whatever floats your boat, dude.

The episode ends with them, well... let's just say they really explore the meaning of "knowing each other in more ways than one." The whole thing is as predictable as it is ridiculous, but hey, that's hentai for you.

Will Satomi ever find her voice and stop being a doormat? Will Keigo realize that there's more to Satomi than her "beautiful body?" Will automatic doors ever open for Satomi again? Find out in the next thrilling episode of "Eternity: Shinya no Nurekoi Channel ♡"!