Energy Kyouka!! Episode 2


Jun 20, 2024

Okay, so like, "Energy Kyouka!! Episode 2" is totally bonkers! It's about this girl, Kyouka, who's, like, obsessed with her brother, right? And her brother, he's just a clueless cutie pie who doesn't know what hit him. It's like when you try to give your hamster a bath and it just freaks out!

So, Kyouka tricks her brother into going to this fancy party. But guess what? It's not a normal party, it's like, a super naughty party! *Covers eyes* There's this other girl, Karin, who used to be Kyouka's friend, but now she's all like "study, study, study" and pretends she doesn't like doing naughty stuff anymore.

Anyway, Karin is there too and she's wearing, like, the same clothes she used to wear when she was being naughty! *Gasp* It's like she's trying to be a good girl at school but then sneaks out to eat candy before dinner!

And then there's this older lady who's, like, the queen of the naughty party. She's like the cool aunt who lets you have extra cookies. She's all about teaching the brother, whose name is Leo, *whispers* *about the birds and the bees*.

Kyouka gets super jealous because she wants to be the one to, you know, *teach* Leo. So, she does something really crazy! *Covers mouth with both hands* She jumps in front of everyone and… well… let's just say she takes what she thinks is hers! It's like when your friend tries to steal your favorite toy, even though they have their own!

The ending is super weird! *Scratches head* Kyouka is happy, Karin is mad, and the older lady is just, like, filming everything on her phone? It's like everyone gets a trophy even though only one person wins the race. I don't really get it, but it was kinda funny!