Jun 20, 2024

## Enbi Episode 2: A Third Grader's Totally Mature Review (Spoiler Alert! ...not like you care)

So like, Episode 2 of Enbi is totally bonkers! It's like someone took a bunch of soap opera cliches, threw in some *really* grown-up stuff, and said "Let's make this as awkward as possible!".

We got **Kentarou**, this kinda clueless city boy who's *totally* oblivious to everything. His **Aunt Shizue** is like, the opposite. She's a total fox, but like, in a way that makes you think she eats other moms for breakfast.

Then there's **Nobuo**, Aunt Shizue's old high school crush who's now a photographer. But like, he only takes pictures of *one* thing, if you know what I mean. *Wink wink*. He's got this wife, **Ami**, who's like a supermodel, but also kinda sad 'cause her husband is obsessed with, well, you know.

The whole thing takes place in this sleepy little town and a photography studio, which is like, the least exciting place ever for all the *exciting* things that happen.

Aunt Shizue decides to spice things up (like, REALLY spice things up!) by, um, "helping" Ami out with Nobuo. It's like watching a train wreck in slow motion, only with more, um, *body parts*. They even use a **kokeshi doll!** (Don't ask).

And then, like BAM! Kentarou gets roped into the whole mess. It's like a game of hot potato, but with *way* more bodily fluids. It's kinda gross, kinda funny, and totally messed up.

The best part? The ending is like a bad joke that keeps going. Let's just say everyone gets what's coming to them, but not in a good way. It's like the opposite of a Disney movie.

**Metaphors and stuff:**

* **Train wreck:** Remember that time you crashed your toy train on purpose? This episode is kinda like that, but with more moaning.

* **Pandora's Box:** You know that story about the box you shouldn't open? This episode is like what happens *after* you open the box and everything gets weird.

**Overall:** It's like eating a whole bag of candy: fun at first, but then you get a tummy ache and kinda regret it. But hey, at least it wasn't boring!