Elf Hime Nina Episode 1


Jun 20, 2024

Okay, so like, "Elf Hime Nina" is TOTALLY about this elf princess, Nina, who's like, super pretty and all, but also kinda stuck-up. She's like that kid in class who reminds the teacher about homework!

Anyway, there's this thing called the Promised Rite, which is like a big, important elf tradition - think show-and-tell, but with more babies. Nina has to do it to save her kingdom 'cause her dad, the King, is pretending to be sick (spoiler alert: he's totally fine!).

But guess who's the king she has to do it with? It's not her crush, the hero Seil, who's like, totally MIA. It's his brother Kyle, who's a HUGE meanie. He's like that kid who steals your snack at lunch! He also has this creepy friend who's a Dark Elf - think the kid who always wears a black hoodie, even when it's sunny.

Kyle tricks Nina into the Promised Rite by being all sneaky and stuff. He even lets his gross soldier buddies do bad things to Nina's friends. It's like when someone writes mean things in your yearbook!

Nina gets super sad and misses Seil, who's probably off fighting dragons or something. Meanwhile, Kyle's just a big jerk who wants to make Nina do things she doesn't want to do. It's like when someone forces you to play tag even though you wanna swing!

The first episode ends with Kyle being all creepy and saying he'll get Nina pregnant. Ugh, Kyle, you're the worst! It's like finding a worm in your apple! Will Nina escape Kyle's clutches? Will Seil ever come back? Why is Kyle SO MEAN?

To be continued...maybe.