Doukyo Suru Neneki Episode 1


Jun 20, 2024

Okay, so this story is about Fujiwara-san, who's kinda like that one kid in class who always forgets their homework, except he forgets to do stuff at his job. He works with this super pretty girl, Takamiya-san, and she's always scolding him like the teacher's pet. But get this, Fujiwara-san has a secret admirer - this weird blob monster thing that lives in his apartment!

Now, this blob is like the ultimate copycat. Imagine if Play-Doh could turn into your crush – that's basically this blob! It can look and sound exactly like anyone, and it's totally obsessed with Fujiwara-san. The blob thinks it's being super romantic by turning into Takamiya-san and other girls, but it's mostly just confusing and awkward.

This story is like a game of telephone, but with bodies! The blob keeps changing into different girls that Fujiwara-san has seen, like his neighbor or the cashier at his favorite restaurant, but it always ends up back as Takamiya-san. It's like the blob is trying to figure out which girl Fujiwara-san likes best, but it's totally missing the point that maybe he doesn't want a girlfriend who can shapeshift into anyone!

The story takes place mostly in Fujiwara-san's apartment and his workplace, which is like, the most boring settings ever. It's kinda funny because this crazy stuff is happening, but it's all happening in really normal places. Talk about irony, right?

Anyway, it's super weird and kinda gross, but also pretty funny because Fujiwara-san is so clueless. Like, he should probably be more freaked out about the whole shapeshifting blob thing, but he's mostly just annoyed. I guess that's what makes it a good story – it's so unexpected and bizarre!