Dorei Usagi to Anthony The Animation Episode 1


Jun 20, 2024

Okay, so, "Dorei Usagi to Anthony" is like a whole bag of Skittles, but some Skittles are kinda yucky, you know? It's about this dude Hiroto who gets some magic glasses called "Oppogla" that are like, WOAH, X-ray vision but for pervy stuff! He sees Charlotte, the new girl who's like a super cute bunny rabbit (I know, right?), totally naked!

Charlotte's got this whole mind-reading thing going on, and guess what? Hiroto's brain is like a bad TV channel, all static and naughty thoughts! She's not a fan. She's more like, "Hiroto, you're like that kid who picks his nose and eats it!"

Then there's Shiraishi, the class rep who's basically perfect, like she always gets gold stars and probably smells like cupcakes. Charlotte, being kind of a sneaky bunny, decides to "help" Hiroto and Shiraishi get closer…by using more magic stuff! It's like she poured a love potion on them, but instead of love, it's just awkwardness and way too much, um, "juice."

Think of it like this: Shiraishi is a beautiful ice sculpture, and Charlotte is like, "Hold my carrot, I'm gonna melt this with a blowtorch!"

By the end, Hiroto's all confused, Shiraishi's acting weirder than a lizard wearing a tutu, and Charlotte's like, "Mission accomplished!" But like, is it really a good thing if everyone's acting like they ate a whole jar of sugar and forgot to wear pants? You decide!