Dokidoki Little Ooyasan Episode 6


Jun 20, 2024

Okay, buckle up, because Episode 6 of "Dokidoki Little Ooyasan" is WILD (and by wild, I mean totally inappropriate for a third-grader). So, our main dude, Tanaka, has this "thing" with his landlady, Miyuri. Remember how in some stories the landlord is always a grumpy old man? Well, here it's a tiny lady who dresses up in costumes for rent day! It's like Halloween, but with themes.

Anyway, this time Miyuri is convinced Tanaka has bad luck because of an evil spirit. Cue the shaman outfit! It's like that scene in "The Lion King" where Rafiki dresses up Simba, except instead of a bug, it's...well, you know. Miyuri's idea of an exorcism is basically a really embarrassing dance, and Tanaka is like, "Uh, landlady, maybe not?"

But then things get REALLY weird. Like, REALLY weird. The "evil spirit" possesses Miyuri, but it's not a demon or anything cool like that. It's like, the spirit of a grumpy police officer obsessed with "lolicons." This spirit spends the rest of the episode calling Tanaka names and making Miyuri "prove" he's a bad guy.

This whole part is like a messed-up metaphor for how sometimes our thoughts can be our own worst enemies. Or maybe it's just an excuse for the animators to draw more crazy stuff.

The episode ends with Tanaka passing out (probably from exhaustion, or maybe embarrassment) and waking up to a totally normal Miyuri who has no memory of the "exorcism." It's like the whole thing was a bad dream, which, knowing this show, it probably was.

So yeah, Episode 6. Lots of awkwardness, some questionable themes, and a whole lot of "I can't believe I just watched that." On to Episode 7!